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Communication German Japanese. This is the core competence of KoDeJa GmbH. We support our customers trustfully, strategically and in daily communication needs for Japan topics.

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KoDeJa GmbH introduction

It is important in international cooperation to understand each other and to draw the right conclusions in business matters. Is a business partner amenable to me and can I expect a positive decision? How long will it take? Why is it so sluggish? Who is the right contact person? ...? These and many more questions the founder and managing director Florian Felix Taux has experienced frequently in the German-Japanese business world. This gave rise to the idea that business relations between German-speaking and Japanese companies should be much easier to achieve. KoDeJa - Communication German Japanese is the answer.

KoDeJa GmbH offers you consulting, trainings and communication services related to Japan. We are the Japan-specialist at the trustful side of our customers, so that they can fully concentrate on their commercial goals. We are available at plannable fix prices. Fast, competent, reliable.

Do you have a seemingly unsolvable problem or difficulties with Japanese business partners? Would you simply like to book a translation or book an interpreter? No matter what your needs are - when it comes to Japan and business relations with Japanese, talk with us!

Florian Felix Taux

Since more than 20 years Florian Felix is dealing with Japan. As a high-school student, as a university student, as a young professional and manager and now as the founder and managing director of KoDeJa GmbH. Through his many years of insights on the ground - as the only German in a Japanese mechanical engineering company, as well as a student in Japanese host families, he has come to know the country and the business world from a perspective which is closed to most foreigners.

His deep insights into the decision-making structures and processes of the Japanese industry, as well as the economic goals and procedures of the companies, allow Florian Felix to look at business issues from the inside out. He teaches this knowledge and skills in Japan business trainings, through consulting on Japan-Projects and the assumption of responsibility in part-time management. Florian Felix offers a limited number of annual services for executives in Japan business.

Professional experience

Before founding and managing KoDeJa GmbH in the summer of 2014, Florian Felix held the branch office in Munich for one of the world's largest Japanese winding machine manufacturers. Previously he held positions for this company in Japan. He was also active in project coordination Japan for one of the world's largest insurers.

  • Diplom (similar to M.A.) in Regional Studies East Asia, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Studies at Ryukoku University, Kyoto
  • Studies at Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, Warsaw
  • Language management on company level. How do decide Japanese companies in Germany? (Sprache managen auf Firmenebene! Wie entscheiden Japanische Unternehmen in Deutschland?), VDM Verlag
  • German-Japanese society in Bavaria
  • Japan Club Munich
  • JCI Saarland

Mao Hayashi

Mao was born in Japan in Kanagawa prefecture. Soon she discovered her passion for culture and language in the German-speaking world. At the age of 15 she went to Austria. She lived in the cities of Salzburg and Graz. In Linz she completed her bachelor's degree. Since a few years, Mao is living in Munich and is working for KoDeJa, where she establishes and manages communication with Japanese customers.

Mao is familiar with the Japanese service concept in sales and likes to take full responsibility to her customers. Through her many years of intercultural experience, she is able to especially meet the needs of Japanese and German-speaking customers. A multitude of assignments as an interpreter at trade fairs help her as well as the insights gained from sophisticated translations.

Professional experience

  • Sales of cultural services to Japan
  • Interpreting German ↔ Japanese
  • Translation German ↔ Japanese


  • Study, University Mozarteum Salzburg
  • Bachelor of Arts, Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

Why KoDeJa?

Why should you choose KoDeJa GmbH as a provider of Japan-Services in the German-speaking countries? We've put together a few reasons to make your decision easier.


  • We support our customers through the Japanese acquaintance phase to business transactions and beyond consistently.
  • Our services are interrelated. Our knowledge and skills from the one service also strengthens the skills in the other services. Quality for our customers in everything we do.
  • We individually adapt to our customers. With each order, we better adapt to our customers in terms of form and expressiveness. We care about our customers. You are not an anonymous number in a file.
  • We continue to expand our branch-specific network to Japan and are thus even closer to the needs of our customers.
  • With our industry-oriented experience, our goal is to promote high-tech cooperation between the German-speaking region and Japan.

Coaching and Part time management

  • We support you in initiating your business and provide information on cultural risks. Better care. More success.
  • Benefit from our negotiating skills that we have gained through our own experiences.
  • If you are facing problems in Japan business: We'll find a way for you. Coaching you, we help immediately. Experience a systematization of the Japan issues.


  • With our Japan Business Trainings, you will learn to discover new ways and to be more successful in the long term. The basis for sustainable action.

Translations, Interpreting

  • When you are in a hurry, we are fast and reliable.
  • When you have more time, we will let you participate in especially reasonable prices. With time-based translation.
  • We provide a guarantee promise for translations.
  • We relieve you of the daily business.

Business travel

  • Japan is strange to you? We will be happy to assist you with your language and logistical requirements. So you feel safer and can direct more energy to the specific business goal.
  • Of course, we already provide support for preparation at home.


  • On request, we will inform you regularly of changes or improvements to the public data of your Japanese customers, suppliers or competitors.
  • Link research results with your preparations for negotiations and meetings. We support you throughout.
Japan gets closer - thanks to KoDeJa GmbH.

About pricing

We do not shy away from price comparison.

Certainly you have made the experience that service providers like translators and consultants reveal their prices only upon request. This makes it difficult to calculate for many companies. For urgent topics you must request at companies, which is time consuming. Not to mention the personnel and financial costs of the search and enquiry.

Why do we publish our prices at KoDeJa.de? Thus, we provide our customers with transparency and honesty. A it is always a time gain to get an overview of the price range from the beginning. This creates planning security with us as a reliable partner. And we can always talk about additional wishes, which are not described in our services.

The level of prices? As much as our services are worth. Because we want to deliver good work not only once, but also in the long term and permanently. For added value of our customers. Totally in the spirit of an honest businessman.

KoDeJa GmbH is located in the trade fair city Munich Riem, directly opposite the entrance of the new exhibition center. Located in a business center with the historical hall of coat of arms of the old Munich Airport and equipped with modern facilities, we welcome our business partners and guests for training, talks and perhaps the beginning of a long collaboration.

KoDeJa GmbH

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8
81829 Munich

Phone : +49 176 72695346

E-Mail : florian.taux@kodeja.de